Monday, December 10, 2012

Midnight Confessions

There is something special about the serenity of night. Surely, its silence is sweet solace to the soul. These corners have ears, you know. It is safe to confess here, to let go. Even though they are trustworthy, they offer little advice. 

Wading in solitude, God's spirit dwells not only within these four corners, but in every corridor of my conscience… knocking, whispering… waiting. My heart hangs like a chrysalis on scripture… a permanent fixture. Come, oh Lord and transform me that I may become pleasing to you. Quiet the clamor in my heart, open my ears, and silence my fears. Lead me out of confusion, direct and correct my ways. Bring me back to your path from which I have strayed. May my words be more than mere utterance, undulating in the air. 

Sanctify me in all my secret spaces and fill my mouth with genuine praises.  Give my heart eagles wings to soar above the insidious enemy of self. Dissect me, lay me open, and sever the sinful nature that threatens your very essence. Bring me to life. Raise me from the grave! Let your love flow through my veins. Empty me from selfishness and pride that abide, poisoning me inside. Give me the strength to press on. Fill my faint heart with courage that I may finish well!